Summer HEAT

Summer HEAT


Here we are in the middle of the hottest part of our year, June is always a hot month, but August is when we really feel the heat and humidity in our area.  We go to the pool, lake and beach to enjoy the refreshing water and relax from the heat, but what about our lawns and vegetation?  A lot of hard earned money, time and energy have gone into getting you the best lawn in the neighborhood, but how do we adapt our landscape to this heat?

Here are a few tips for you lawn:

  • Set your automated irrigation system to turn on in the early morning around 4:00 AM.  Your lawn will get maximum benefit from the water as you avoid evaporation from the day’s heat.
  • Don’t trim your grass too close.  As the summer wears on, your grass will need more nutrition to maintain a healthy root system, cutting your lawn very close will hamper the roots and possible kill your grass.
  • Do not trim your shrubs and trees.  The fall is the best time to trim back the shrubbery, trimming in the summer can damage the shrubs and hamper their growth.

These few simple tips can make a big difference in your lawn flourishing during the summer heat or frying like bacon.  If you have any questions regarding your lawn and this year’s scorching heat wave, call me personally.



Adam Taylor
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