Sidewalk Pavers at Troutman Home

Sidewalk Pavers at Troutman Home


Sometimes the smaller projects can be the most rewarding; here is an example of a one day sidewalk paver job in Troutman we recently completed for a family.

The lady of the house contacted me regarding installing a sidewalk from their garage to their front patio.  At the interview, I realized this would easily be a one day project for me and two of my co-workers and she was very nice and respectful, so I was already looking forward to an upcoming easy day of work.  We discussed the variety of stone available; I suggested a stone that would accent the stone used to border the patio and she agreed.

We began the job early with full intent on having an early afternoon with our families (we scheduled it on a Friday to simulate a long weekend); I delivered the stone and supplies the day before and instructed my guys to bring a bag lunch. 

Preparing the site for a level and smooth walkway is the most critical portion, so we utilized our technology and experience to get this exact.  Next is adding the base, then the stone and lastly the stone edging and clean up.

The homeowner enjoyed the watching the project with her daughter from the luxury of the patio and often provided cool drinks to keep us hydrated and encouraged.  This was a present for her husband and she too wanted it completed before he arrived that evening.

With the quick sandwich lunch and expert skillset, we were loading the tools and equipment at 2:30, the homeowner was so pleased that she tipped us graciously.  We discussed coming back that afternoon to watch the reaction of the husband, but we had worked too hard to enjoy the extra hours of our weekend and besides, she posted lots of cool pictures on Facebook for all to enjoy.



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