Types of Grass

Types of Grass


There are numerous types of grasses available for your North Carolina lawn, most homeowners never completely realize or understand the choices available.  Here is a list of common NC grasses along with a brief description.

Bermuda:  Bermuda will grow fast on most soils unless water drainage is an issue.  It makes a good turf when fertilized and mowed often and will form a dense, durable surface when grown in full sunlight.  Bermuda grass is very drought tolerant and should be mowed often, as much as twice a week in some cases.

Centipede:  Centipede is a slow growing grass that is better suited for low maintenance and general purpose lawns.  It requires very little fertilizer once the root system is established and requires infrequent mowing.  Centipede grass does not tolerate traffic well.

St. Augustine:  St. Augustine is a fast growing turf grass that is best adapted to the coastal areas of North Carolina.  It will provide a dense lawn and is very shade and salt tolerant.  St. Augustine is considered the least cold tolerant of all grasses found in NC.

Zoysia:  Zoysia is a very dense and wear tolerant grass that grows well in full sunlight and light shade.  It has often been referred to as “walking on a cushion”.  Zoysia is very drought resistant and rarely needs irrigation to flourish in NC.

Bluegrass:  Bluegrass is a high quality grass with a medium to fine turf that is well suited for the mountains of North Carolina.  It can be grown in combination with tall fescue when used in the piedmont areas.  Bluegrass recovers well from drought and overwatering may cause disease issues.

Creeping Bent:  Creeping Bent grass is used exclusively on golf courses in North Carolina. It is never used for commercial, residential, or recreational turf other than golf courses.

Tall Fescue:  Tall Fescue is well suited for the mountains and piedmont regions.  It is a very good choice for those that prefer a year round green lawn.  Tall Fescue is disease resistant and drought tolerant, while performing well in cold conditions too.  It tolerates moderate traffic with minimum care.



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