Irrigation Control

Irrigation Control

As we approach the fall season, it’s time to address our irrigation system.  In most cases, the lawn will be dormant during winter, so fall is more of a transition period.  You will still use the irrigation system during the transition, but not during the dormant period.

Maintenance to the system is important for proper functionality next spring.  Let’s go over a few items that you should know regarding your sprinkler system and winterizing it for next season.

  • Test your system by turning it on.  Inspect the heads for blockage and remove/clear any obstructions.
  • Check to ensure they are spraying the right areas.  Too many times the sprinklers have been “moved” and are spraying nowhere near the intended areas.
  • Leave the system on for an hour and check for leaks.  Damp spots are an indicator of a potential leak.
  • Inspect the backflow valve.  Something as simple as removing a blockage could save you lots of money later.
  • Complete the winterizing by draining all the water out and don’t forget about the drip system.
  • Don’t forget the garden hoses; store them for the winter as well.

If you find that winter is approaching too fast and you foresee yourself having the time to perform this basic sprinkler system maintenance, call me for a free quote.

Adam Taylor
Taylor Lawn Care, Inc.

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