Indian Summer

Indian Summer

Many folks believe that the end of August marks the end of summer; I don’t necessarily buy into that, especially since it’s so HOT recently!  My grandfather would often talk about Indian Summer, as a child it never really sank in as to exactly what Indian Summer was or meant, but now I believe I got it!

Basically, Indian summer is when it stays warmer a little longer than what we typically expected or wished for.  The middle of the summer is sometimes referred to as the “Dog Days of Summer”, so it’s not too unusual for the last few weeks of the season to have a nick name as well.

Think about your lawn during these times of change, what effect are the cooler nights and the daily temperature changes having on your plants and lawn.  This is a good time to begin consider winterizing your lawn for its long upcoming hibernation.  A few good hours one weekend could make a world of difference and enable your foliage to rest over the winter and flourish when the ground temperature rises again in April.

Try these 4 easy steps.

  • Spread Fertilizer
  • Aerate
  • Spread Cool-Weather Grass Seed
  • Rake and Water the Lawn

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