Now Is The Time

Now Is The Time

Time for what you ask?  It’s time to start planning how your lawn will be better than ever next season.  Now is time to plan for that perfect lawn, you do want the lawn that everyone in the neighborhood envies, right?

Planning and preparation is the key to many projects and landscaping is no exception to the rule.  I like to create a drawing of your lawn so we can have something physical and digital to start with.  Once we have something to draw on, we can determine what we want to add, remove or change and where we want to do it.  Drawing on paper gives me and my customer that visual, something we can actually relate to, that a computer screen can’t replicate.

One project we prepared last fall included adding an outdoor kitchen and walkway.  By utilizing the printed drawings, we were able to plan out everything, take it to the computer and then print a color copy.  A color copy of the finalized plan really gives the homeowner the visual they like and the comfort of know how their project will look next summer.

I enjoy working one on one with my customers; it is fun for me and gives them a sense of ownership as they are part of designing it.

Adam Taylor
Taylor Lawn Care, Inc.

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