Irrigation Systems            

Everything needs water to sustain life; water is all around us, especially here in the south with the humidity.  73% of our earth is water, so how do you utilize this amazing commodity at your home?

A good irrigation system will have a measureable impact on the efficiency of your water usage.  The main benefits of efficient water use are:

  • Lower water bill
  • Healthier garden
  • Less work
  • Less maintenance

When to water?

Watering in the morning when there minimal sunlight is preferred.  Set your system to water slowly and thoroughly 10 AM or later in the evening around 6 PM is good. Avoid watering when high winds are prevalent, the wind will blow away the water and prevent proper coverage.

Mulch Helps!

Mulch around the trees and shrubbery in your lawn will help hold the water and discourage evaporation.  Proper mulching will also minimize weeds and add nutrients to your soil.  Add more mulch once it begins to break down.

How Much Water?

Don’t over water or under water your lawn.  Over watering will only run off and increase your water bill.  Under watering will evaporate and not provide the nutrients necessary.  Water your lawn just long enough for the water to seep into the roots of your grass.

What Irrigation System?

I prefer an irrigation system that can be automated and provide a slower, water saving but steady supply of water to your lawn.  Proper installation will incorporate valves that will enable specific areas to receive more or less water, thus maximizing the efficiency of your water.

Can we use Rainwater?

Yes, efficient erosion control includes rain water runoff.  Maximize the benefits of the rain water that has been collected for various uses.  A rain garden can be an efficient resource if the conditions are right.



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