Perennials or Annuals

Perennials or Annuals


It’s almost funny how many times I get asked about perennials and annuals, which one comes back and which one will die at the end of the season.  Perennials are bulbs that will regrow and flower year after year with the proper care.  They are a wonderful addition to any landscaping project and add immense beauty.  The downfalls for many perennials are that they typically only bloom once and then are just greenery the remainder of the season.  This is wonderful when incorporated into a project with other blooming foliage.

Annuals will die at the end of the season and must be replanted each and every year.  They add immediate color and beauty to the lawn and flower many times over for the entire season in most cases.  Annuals offer a larger variety of colors, styles and fragrances which most homeowners find very appealing.

I like to use a combination of both annuals and perennials with most projects.  The perennials will provide continuous greenery and are virtually maintenance free, while the annuals add color and beauty.  Another addition I occasionally add is evergreens, a small evergreen can be an outstanding addition.

Here’s an easy way to remember which is which:

Annual = 1 year

Perennials = multi year



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