Walkway Pavers

Walkway Pavers


Last week I received a call from a frustrated homeowner about the walkway pavers’ project she started.  This lady was so mad that I let her vent for 5 minutes before even trying to speak about her walkway.  She was mad because someone at the big box home improvement store convinced her that this was an easy project that her and her husband could do on a weekend. After several hours of futility and back pain, she got frustrated and abandoned the project.

I met with her and her husband in their back yard where they had started the walkway and it was a complete mess. I’m unsure what that sales guy told them, but what they had was far from what they envisioned.  We laughed about the Saturday they spent as the husband made one joke after another about the day; it was a very fun meeting.

My co-workers and I jumped right on the project a few days after our meeting, and I had instructed my guys that I wanted in and out not only in one day, but before they arrived home from work.  In other words, we had to do the project in seven hours or less from start to finish. Everyone brought a bag lunch that day!

We completed the project and had everything completely cleaned up by 4:30 that afternoon and I sent my guys home for the day with a big thank you and a promise of a  big lunch the next day.  I stayed at the home and completed some paperwork and made a few calls while waiting on the lady of the house to return.

When she arrived, she joked immediately about how we couldn’t get it done in 1 day; I smiled and invited her to the rear of the home for an inspection.  The look on her face was priceless!  We start the outdoor kitchen in two weeks!



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