Water Features and Water Gardens

Water Features and Water Gardens


Water features are a wonderful addition to an outdoor project; some homeowners like to add them inside their home as well.  The soothing and therapeutic sound has a relaxing effect on most people and the variety of available water plants is immaculate.  A water feature can be as simple as a small fountain or as large as a waterfall, the size of the feature mainly depends on the area we have to work with, the budget and the preferences of the homeowner.  We can incorporate nearly any water feature into your outdoor living area.

Water gardens are similar to water features because both use water.  That is about it in similarity as far as I’m concerned.  The water garden is exactly that, a garden, we use it specifically to grow plants and flowers that flourish in a water filled environment.  Think about the picturesque scenery of the everglades (not the alligators), and how the beauty of the landscape is impacted by the foliage, imagine that beauty in your yard (without the alligators).  A water garden is a unique setting that will require maintenance for the garden itself and the plant life, but the upkeep is minimal compared to the beauty and allure it adds to your outdoor living area.

Regardless of what type, size or shape of water feature or garden you are considering, we can bring it to life for you, right in your own back yard (we will even add an alligator if you like….. concrete alligators only).



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