Grass is Beautiful

Grass is Beautiful

Planting and maintaining a nice lawn is work, we spend a large portion of our time maintaining the lawns for our customers, many of them year round.  Yes, having a nice, full lawn of grass is beautiful and functional.  This past summer was probably the wettest we have seen in NC and many people complained about all the rain, BUT, look at the grass.  The lawns we maintain look phenomenal, in much part because of the amount of rainfall last summer.  I found it amusing how those that didn’t maintain their lawn or hire someone to do it had a mess.  The large amount of grass clippings left behind by the homeowner did more damage than imaginable, aesthetically and to their lawn.

Have you ever had the opportunity to watch a group of kids play soccer on a well-manicured field, it is a thing of beauty.  Watching them run around with their brightly covered uniforms midst the vibrant green grass was magnificent in my eyes.

Have you ever been in a pristine community, one that requires the maintenance of all lawns?  It’s a sight to an old landscaper’s eye.  The remarkable symmetry of the neighborhood is unparalleled in itself.

Grass cools the surface temperature of the lawn; remember how hot the pavement at the shopping mall is, not if there was grass.  Dust is another factor grass inhibits, with grass planted and thriving in a lawn, there is virtually 0 dusts.  Are you allergic to dust?

If all this talk about how beautiful and functional grass can be has you thinking about your lawn next spring give me a call, we are the Mooresville Landscapers you can Trust.  You CAN have that beautiful lawn you’ve dreamed of.

Adam Taylor
Taylor Lawn Care, Inc.

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