Today is the last of my series of mowing tips for now, I have really enjoyed sharing this information and the feedback has been very positive.  I am considering other series later in the year, so stay tuned for more.

  1. Tall grass – if your lawn has grown to heights over 6” here are some suggestions: If using a push mower, raise the front deck to only top the grass.  Make certain no children are around as this exposes the blades.  On a riding mower, set the deck to its maximum height prior to mowing.  Remove the grass clippings and mow again at a slightly higher length than normal.  Allow your grass to recover before mowing again, gradually lower the mowing height to your normal depth and return to your regular mowing intervals.
  2. Lawn Changes – pay attention to your lawn as the season progresses and after every mow.  If you notice a significant change: dying grass, weeds or insects now is the time to diagnose the issue and address it.  Professional advice may be in order.
  3. Drought – Sometimes we go long periods without rain in Mooresville, if the weatherman is forecasting a lengthy dry spell and you don’t have irrigation in place, wait until the day prior to rain is forecast to mow.
  4. Directional Mowing – for the best looking lawn in the neighborhood, now in straight lines.  One lap around the perimeter is a good idea and change the direction every other mowing if possible.

Adam Taylor
Taylor Lawn Care, Inc.

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