Now that it’s hot and going to stay hot for a few months, let’s talk today about how to properly care for your lawn during the summer heat wave.

Grass loves the warmer weather, grass lays dormant during the winter and as the ground temperature increases it become active.  When the heat of summer arrive, your grass adjusts to it as well, so being educated and prepared is always the best method for the nicest lawn in the neighborhood.

Watering your lawn is the best thing you can do in the summer.  If you have an irrigation system it will do the best job, if you are manually watering a small lawn that is ok too.  Try to water on a regular schedule according to the needs of your grass, pay attention to the amount of rain it receives and adjust your watering.  Watering in the evenings is the premium time.  When the water is allowed to soak into the grounds and reach the grass roots, maximum benefit is achieved.  Evening water schedules enable the water to soak in overnight, whereas morning watering may be evaporated by the morning sun.

Try not to cut your grass below 3” when you mow, especially now when it’s really hot.  There are a few exceptions but on average, stay at 3”.  The heat of summer will dry the grass out when cut too short and your lawn can look burnt or dead.

Adam Taylor
Taylor Lawn Care, Inc.

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