This series on lawn mowing tips is getting a lot of attention from my friends.  I appreciate those that enjoy lawn care; it is good exercise and fun too.  Here are a few more tips to help your lawn when mowing, specifically focusing on the grass clippings after the mow.

  1. Clippings – don’t just walk away from the clippings thinking they automatically add nutrients back into the lawn, there is a little more to it.  Large amounts of clippings can suffocate the covered grass and kill it, removing the clipping and mulching them is recommended.
  2. Mulching Blades – consider purchasing a mulching blade for your mower.  A mulching blade will cut at two heights and dice up the clippings for a faster, more biodegradable result.
  3. Clumps of Grass – areas of large (over 2”) clumps of grass clippings can be distributed throughout the lawn for ease of reintroduction to the soil.  Using a leaf rake is recommended; try to avoid spreading them in the same areas repeatedly.
  4. Bagging the Clippings – grass clippings can be collected in bags automatically by the mower if the proper attachment is available.  Put the clippings in a compost pile or remove them from the lawn all together.  Bagging is great in the fall & spring for help collecting leaves too.

Adam Taylor
Taylor Lawn Care, Inc.

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