Mowing the lawn is very pleasurable for some men and women, the lawn tractors and zero turn mowers are considered a lot of fun to mow with.  Some appreciate the exercise of a push mower, many of the newer models are self-propelled and much easier to use.

If you prefer to mow your own lawn, here are a few tips to help your lawn look its best this summer.

  1. Blade Height – don’t cut your lawn too short.  When trimming the grass to very short lengths, it allows them to be more vulnerable to dry weather, disease and possibly die.  This varies depending on the type of grass in your lawn, but on average, 3” is recommended.
  2. Wet Grass – don’t mow your lawn immediately after it rains, let your lawn absorb the water and allow it to dry before mowing, even heavy dew is a deterrent.  Help your grass and mower both by avoiding mowing when it is wet.
  3. Sharpen the Blades – don’t mow with dull blades.  Dull mower blades do not cut; they tear the grass which is not best for your lawn.  Keeping a sharp set of spare blades is always a good idea.

These are 3 simple mowing tips anyone can use to help with the maintenance of a lawn.  If you ever decide that mowing is not your forte, for any reason, we will be happy to mow and maintain for you.

Adam Taylor
Taylor Lawn Care, Inc.

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