Your sprinkler system is vital to the growth and nutrition for your lawn, plants and shrubbery, make certain this spring that your irrigation system is in tip-top shape!  Over the winter numerous things could have happened to your system, it’s always best to run a check to certify that your sprinkler system is ready for the summer.  We perform sprinkler system maintenance for many Mooresville customers in March; here are 5 steps we use when we perform this for our customers:

  1. Your drains were left open last fall as part of your fall maintenance, the first step is to close all the drains.
  2. Now let’s slowly open the main water valve.  Don’t open it up fully, if there are issues the high pressure from the water could make it worse.  Allow the lines to fill slowly and the backflow prevention apparatus to fill as well.
  3. Leave one of the sprinkler valves open to allow the air to escape slowly; you want all the air out of the lines slowly, while the system fills with water.
  4. Run the sprinkler, one section of your lawn at a time, and check for issues like:
    1. Water leaks
    2. Damaged sprinkler head
    3. Clogged nozzles
  5. If you do not have a rain sensor installed, have one installed.  There is no need to waste water when Mother Nature is providing it for you.  Saves money too!

The type and/or brand of sprinkler system you prefer are irrelevant now, but making sure it is working properly is important.

If any of this seems like more than you are ready to undertake or your busy schedule will not enable you to perform the maintenance on your system, simply call us, we will be more than happy to certify your sprinkler system is ready for the long hot summer ahead.

Adam Taylor
Taylor Lawn Care, Inc.

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