Here we are at the end of March, with Spring all around us (even though it still gets cold at night sometimes) and we know what Spring brings…POLLEN & BUGS!  I know all about both pollen and bugs but can only help you with the bugs J

No, we are not exterminators, they are professionals in their own right; we are: NC Certified Pesticide Contractor for Aquatic & Ornamentals.  That means we can keep the bugs off your trees, plants, shrubs, water features and lawn, which also means that the bugs are off of you and your family.

The herbicides and pesticides we utilize to control the pests are strictly governed by myself and my partner; there are strict application rules we follow to apply these products to control the insects without impacting your family negatively.

Noxious weeds and insects are one of the biggest problems we come in contact with and are the reason we are commercially licensed by the state to treat these problems to ensure healthy landscapes and happy customers.  The experience and skills we have gained over time ensures we know how to handle the application correctly and have everyone’s health and safety at first priority and we have all the necessary equipment that this type of project would require.

If you have issues with the insects around your lawn and/or feel they are causing problems with your vegetation, call me personally, I will be glad to come by for an evaluation for your situation.  Don’t let the bugs keep you from enjoying the beautiful outdoors this spring.

Adam Taylor
Taylor Lawn Care, Inc.

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