Recently, a good friend and customer of ours asked me about her plants and how to care for them in general.  I gave her some advice and got to thinking that I almost exclusively talk about lawn care on our blog.  Toady we’ll reach in to plant care too.


The 3 basic needs of your plants are:

  1. Light – your plant’s most basic need, it processes food through photosynthesis, which occurs in sunlight.  Every plant will have different needs regarding how much or how little light, but light is #1 for your plant care.  Light for your Mooresville plants are categorized like this:
    • Direct sunlight – sunlight directly on your plant
    • Indirect sunlight – light shines in but not directly on your plant
    • Diffused light – filtered light through a curtain or window screen
  1. Water – overwatering is the most common problem with plants.  Different plants need different levels of water, educate yourself prior to watering and observe how your plant reacts and adjust to its needs.  Use your finger or a Popsicle stick to check the moisture below the soil surface of your plant.
  2. Food – overfeeding (like overwatering) is not good for your plant.  Like watering, learn what your specific plant likes best and adjust.  Plant food comes in 3 types:
    • Soluble by Water – you mix it and then our it on your plant
    • Granular – spread some on the soil surface before watering
    • Spikes – like a stick, you push it in the soil and it dissolves to feed the plant.


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