Some Mooresville residents like to call the latter months of summer the “Dog Days of Summer” a phrase that refers to the hottest and most humid AKA “Sultry” days of the year.  The dog days of summer are most normally experienced in the months of July and August, which naturally see the warmest summer temperatures.

But what about your lawn during these sultry hot days?  Here are some lawn care tips for these hot “end of summer” days.

  1. Water, Water, Water, keep on watering your lawn up to a full inch every week if possible.  The heat of the day really takes the moisture away.  Your lawn is alive and may survive the longest of all your horticulture without water, but keeping it replenished will certainly be the first August Lawn Tip I recommend.
  2. Don’t let the weeds take over!  It’s hot and easy to want to stay inside where the air conditioner is working, but weeds take away lots of valuable water and nourishment your lawn needs to survive these extra hot days.  Stay on the weeds, it really does help.
  3. Wait to fertilize until cooler temperatures.  Fertilizing in the hot summer days is always discouraged for existing Mooresville lawns.  Too much stress on the lawn will hamper its support system (grass roots).

3 simple tips you can easily do to help your Mooresville lawn through these last hot days and then get prepared for the Fall.  Look for more information soon on Fall Lawn Care Tips.


Adam Taylor
Taylor Lawn Care, Inc.

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