Landscape Design Mooresville

Landscape Design Mooresville

A passion of mine has always been creating; I am one of those people that can envision the outcome from the beginning of the project.  Most of the time projects will evolve into something more beautiful as we design it, because one good idea sparks another great idea!

Last month I was working on a landscape design for a Mooresville homeowner and as our conversation grew, it became extremely obvious that our creativeness was intermingling and this particular landscape project would be the envy of the community in a few months.  The lady of the home had some ideas of features she would like to incorporate, but was uncertain how to lay them out to fit her lawn.

She liked the idea of flower beds, so I suggested we build a small retaining wall that would add beauty, functionality and utilize that area of her lawn to its maximum potential.  We also discussed an outdoor kitchen, with a gazebo and water feature.  She loved the idea of a low maintenance waterfall without any fish or vegetation that would require anything more than simple monthly maintenance.  I showed her several small water features we have designed and she fell in love with the idea.

Landscape design may or may not be considered an art by most people, but the way I prefer to work with my clients and design everything to accommodate their lawn has to be some form of art.

Adam Taylor
Taylor Lawn Care


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