Now that summer is here to stay for a while, let’s talk about the things that inhibit your lawn and the pleasures and beauty it provides.

Insects – bugs and creepy crawly creatures really bother my wife; most women don’t like the summer insects (ironically most kids find them fascinating).  There are solutions to rid your lawn from the pesky bugs.

  1. Insecticides – from the big box store are available, make certain you completely understand the product, how to apply it and the issue with your lawn you wish to address.  REMEMBER…these are Poisons and can harm your pets and children.  I never recommend this if pets and children use the lawn.
  2. Professional Exterminator – will do the job and probably insist on upselling you on a package for your home as well.  If you need your home exterminated, that’s a good choice, if not you may spend much more money than needed.
  3. Taylor Lawn Care – we do not exterminate your home, we only address the bugs in your lawn.  If you are concerned about the bugs in your yard and have pets and children, we are your best choice!

Dead Spots – there may be several reasons why grass just won’t grow in spots of your lawn.

  1. If the bare spot is consistent, it may be a soil, sunlight or permanent issue needing address.  I recommend a soil test first; lack of sunlight could be addressed with the pruning or removal of a tree or shrub.
  2. If they are sporadic bare spots, it could be insects or urine from animals.  If urine is responsible, there are deterrents we can initiate to thwart future activity.

Summer will be gone quick enough; don’t allow some easily fixed issues with your lawn keep you and your family from enjoying it to the fullest.

Adam Taylor
Taylor Lawn Care, Inc.

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