As Spring rapidly approaches, so are the bugs!  If anything annoys my wife about the warmer weather, it’s the pests that come along with it.  I try to explain that everything has its place in our world, but those pesky bugs are hard for me to defend. LOL


The benefit she has of being married to a landscape professional is we are also NC pesticide contractors as well, that means I can control those aggravating bugs around our home and keep them at bay so she can enjoy the outdoors.  There are a variety of methods, applications and/or chemicals that are very effective, but every lawn has the potential of being unique, so we always evaluate the property and determine the issue prior to applying any pesticide.


We are always very careful when we spray for bugs on someone’s property, maintaining the proper Eco-System is important to us and utilizing the right pesticides (just like we use the right tools to work with) keeps everything in its proper perspective.


If you or your friends/neighbors are bothered by those pesky insects like my wife, just call me personally and I will gladly come by and evaluate your situation and offer a remedy to keep those bugs at bay.


Adam Taylor
Taylor Lawn Care, Inc.

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