Leaf Management

Leaf Management

All of a sudden it’s fall, leaves everywhere are full of color (or on the ground) and everyone is talking about raking and keeping their lawns looking good, at least until winter sets in next month.

Today, let’s talk about leaf management, how to take care of all those pesky leaves.  There are numerous methods of leaf management:

  • RAKE, RAKE, & RAKE some more…
  • Blower
  • Vacuum
  • Lawn Care Professional

Raking is the most common method for leaf control, some home owners actually like to rake leaves and consider it good exercise.  These people typically do not have a lot of leaves to rake, so the labor is minimal.  For those that have a lot of leaves, raking can be more of a chore than an exercise routine.

Blowers come in 2 basic models: handheld & backpack, the handheld models are good for very small yards with minor leaf maintenance, their CFM (cubic feet per minute) can be sufficient to move most moderate piles of leaves.  Arm fatigue can be a factor.  The backpack blowers are for larger lawns with a magnitude of leaves to move.  Backpack blowers have more CFM and can be utilized for longer periods of time without fatigue.  A good backpack blower can be utilized for numerous cleaning jobs in addition to leaves.

Vacuums are rarely utilized for any significant home leaf project.  A good wet/dry vacuum may convert to a leaf vacuum, but it can be cumbersome.  Commercial models are too expensive for the miniscule usage of a home owner, but for us professionals, it is GREAT!

Lawn Care Professionals may be the overall best solution for some.  If you live in a community with a HOA that requires consistent lawn maintenance, hiring a professional to maintain your lawn may be the best option.  We offer year round lawn maintenance, including leaf removal.

Adam Taylor
Taylor Lawn Care, Inc.

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