Professional Lawn Care in Mooresville NC

Professional Lawn Care in Mooresville NC


Now that spring is in full bloom everywhere I look, I see landscaping trucks, lawn mowers and people running around with pine straw in their truck.  It is nice to see all of us landscapers back to work and enjoying our chosen profession. 

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people in those trucks that are less experienced than their wrapped vehicles may lead you to think.  If someone is seeking people to mow their lawn and trim their hedges every other week, then these guys are your best bet.  BUT, if your lawn is a showcase for your home, then trust it to the professionals at Taylor Lawn Care!  Yes, we will mow your lawn every other week and keep your hedges trimmed, but the most important factor is our training and experience.  I can pull a soil sample from your lawn, test it’s PH and various other factors to determine what nutrients and nourishment will best suit your lawn, plants and trees.

Hiring a professional landscaper entails much more than writing a check, it means you have an individual working to showcase their education and skills set and use your lawn as their canvas.  Just as Michelangelo used the Sistine Chapel as his canvas, I will use your lawn to paint my masterpiece.



Adam Taylor
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