Decorative Retaining Walls and Pavers

Decorative Retaining Walls and Pavers


Last summer, we were working on the landscape of a Lake Norman waterfront home for the most wonderful couple.  As the project developed the lady of the house and I were talking about various other things we could do to enhance their lawn.  Since we were in the process of reseeding and planting vegetation, I recommended a small decorative retaining wall with a walkway to their dock.  We discussed the upgrade with her husband and upon reviewing the quote, we proceeded.

We chose to use a decorative stone retaining wall system that offered matching interlocking pavers.  I recommended a style of stone that would enhance and complement the existing stone used on the home since the home would be our starting point for the walkway.  The small retaining wall would serve multiple purposes:

  1. Retain the lawn and soil in the upper portion of the lawn
  2. Create more useable lawn space
  3. Add beauty and style to the lawn
  4. Create an additional area to add vegetation around the wall and with decorative concrete plant stands

Another addition we incorporated into the design was an outdoor kitchen; this was done exclusively as an addition for a later date.  One step at a time was the comment the husband made, while his wife added how much more exciting it would be to add it later, like Christmas all over again she said.  We are scheduled to begin working on the outdoor kitchen in April!

Much like renovating your home or even a room, landscaping can open your eyes and thoughts to numerous other aspects of beauty and functionality.  I openly embrace when a homeowner asks my opinion on a thought that was spurred by our project.  More is better!



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