Mooresville Lawn Fertilizer

Mooresville Lawn Fertilizer


March is the time to fertilize your Mooresville lawn for the 2013 spring growing season.  Your lawn has been dormant for several months, as the ground temperature begins to slowly raise your lawn wakes from its deep dormant sleep.  Much like some animals hibernate, your lawn transforms into a similar state each winter, so when it awakes it is hungry like a bear!

Feeding your lawn in March will provide the nourishment it is seeking as it begins to grow and flourish in April and May.  I recommend a slow release fertilizer that will release nutrients gradually over time vs. all at once. 

In other words, feed your hungry lawn a spoonful of food instead of a plateful, it will absorb it better and grow better from it.  Plants prefer to be fed slowly and steadily, as the soil warms and the roots become active again, the fertilizer will be there for gradual absorption when the roots are most receptive to food and growth

Fertilizers are a mix of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, the ratio of ingredients will be printed on the side of the bag represented in numeric form.  The first will be the nitrogen, then phosphorous and then the potassium. A good balance of your lawn would be 3 parts nitrogen, 1 part phosphorous and 2 parts potassium.  A slow release mixture contains 16 part Nitrogen that promotes green growth, 4 parts Phosphorus that promotes root development, 8 parts Potassium which helps the plant withstand natural stresses, and micro nutrients that are included in the mix as well.

Of course, the easiest and best method to prepare your lawn to be the envy of the neighborhood is simply to call me.



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