Landscaping Services for Commercial Properties

Landscaping Services for Commercial Properties


For a first meeting a person usually judges another person within 3 seconds of that first meeting, with looks being a major influence on their thoughts about you.  Sadly, this is a truth even for business.  If you own a business, people tend to judge based on the condition of the exterior of the building, including the landscape.

Landscaping encompasses many services including installation and lawn maintenance.  Lawn maintenance is a basic step in making your landscape look amazing.  But what else can you do to make your business look good?  Installing flowers to add color is always a good idea, outdoor lights can provide safety and beauty during the evening, and an irrigation system can help you keep your landscape flourishing during the dry months.  Taylor Lawn Care, Inc. is an expert at commercial landscapes, irrigation services such as irrigation system installation and maintenance.

  • We design the irrigation system layout that best fits your business
  • We install the irrigation system including pipes, sprinkler heads, and any other equipment for the system
  • We setup the controls for the irrigation system so that your lawn is watered at a certain schedule every day
  • We provide maintenance on your irrigation system so that it continues to work properly

Don’t hire an inexperienced landscaping company and become disappointed with incomplete servicing.  If you want someone who is trust worthy and licensed in landscape design call Taylor Lawn Care today.



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