The middle of September is a great time to begin preparing your lawn for the upcoming fall season, about six or so weeks prior to the first freeze.  Starting now has many benefits, one of which is not taking time away from football games!  But primarily, ensuring your lawn is ready for the cold and prepared for the spring.

Plant cool-season grass like rye and fescue, by starting now this grass should have plenty of time to germinate and generate a good root system before the freezing temperatures can damage them.

Also, this is a good time to fertilize.  Use a slow release, natural fertilizer that will provide the needed nutrients to survive the winter months ahead and offer the best lawn in the neighborhood come spring!

Another good idea is the second application of herbicide.  Late winter or maybe even as late as early spring was when the first application was released, now is the time for the second.  I recommend a good quality pre-emergent herbicide made from corn gluten.  This will keep your lawn free of weeds and enable the very best opportunity for that Showcase lawn.

If one or two of the more diligent weeds survive this application, a spot treatment will certainly take care of that rogue weed.  I prefer an all-natural spot treatment such as: horticultural vinegar or clove oil.  If you prefer to remove the weed, make sure you get the entire root.

Keep in mind that all these lawn care solutions are only a phone call away.  I will gladly visit you and your lawn and provide an experienced and professional recommendation and quote.  Our specialty is providing you the “Best in Show” lawn without consuming your weekends.

Adam Taylor
Taylor Lawn Care, Inc.

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