Spring is here and so are the duties that come along with it.  It seems like each year weeds get a head start on just about everything, including making use of Flower and Garden beds.  So, what exactly is wrong with having a few little weeds around?  Well, according to www.Environment.govMajor weed invasions change the natural diversity and balance of ecological communities.” Well, what does that mean?  

It means this; over population of weeds can decrease the amount of other vegetation within a given area.  This means that some wildlife that depends on certain vegetation could be threatened.

How about we pull back a little and talk more realistically: What do weeds really threaten?  They threaten your Lawn, Shrubs, Flowers, and other miscellaneous Herbs or Plants.

You see, weeds grow faster than native plants and successfully compete for available nutrients, water, space and sunlight.  Which means your little tomatoes may have a hard time fighting for their fair share.

So how do we stop this problem?  Taylor Lawn Care has different options for different situations or areas of the yard.  For your Lawn or Flowerbed, we would suggest a mild weed killer and some preventative fertilizer.  This insures that your plants and grass stays alive and flourishes while weeds take a beating!  Garden beds require a bit more Finesse because some weed killers are hazardous to both Humans and Fruit or Vegetable plants.  We may suggest either manual removal, or perhaps a more organic method of weed control.

Adam Taylor
Taylor Lawn Care, Inc.

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