Now that we have identified the cause of your dead grass and eliminated the source, it’s time to get the grass growing and fill in those bald areas.  Here are the basic steps to follow:

  1. Remove any issues within the area
  2. Prepare the soil to accept the seed and fertilizer
  3. Plant quality seed and provide best opportunity to flourish

This may seem simple, but if not addressed correctly, your efforts may be in vain.  Again, let’s address each step individually.

  1. Make certain that the mold, thatch and/or bugs have been removed.  Take the affected soil off site to possibly eliminate future issues.  A good rake, shovel or some power equipment may be in order, but regardless, remove the issue from your lawn if you can.
  2. If substantial amounts of soil had to be removed to eliminate the issue, adding new soil is in order, if not, proceed with these instructions.  Loosen the soil with a rake or power equipment to enable the fertilizer, seed and water to reach its designated areas.  If the quality of soil is in question, seek a soil test and professional advice.
  3. Apply the same grass seed currently existing in your lawn!  I am amazed at how many obvious patches have been repaired due to this oversight.  Apply the recommended fertilizer, water and straw, and then keep an eye on the spot periodically for needed attention and keep the birds away from your seed.

This may all seem too simple or obvious to many of my readers, but you would be surprised at how many dead spots we fix after the homeowner has failed to follow these steps and the ones in my previous post.

As always, we are here to help!  We provide anything from small ½ day lawn repairs or trim, to complete outdoor kitchen installations.  Call the professionals at Taylor Lawn Care for that “Best in the Neighborhood” lawn!

Adam Taylor
Taylor Lawn Care, Inc.


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