Landscape Design

Landscape Design

Last week we began the design for an outdoor kitchen project in Mooresville.  The couple lives on the Mooresville side of Lake Norman in a beautiful home with a scenic view of the lake.  After purchasing the home a few years back and up fitting it to their desires, they decided to begin working toward their outdoor living areas, and besides it was why they bought this retirement home, to relax.

We were selected to design and create the outdoor living areas they envisioned I recommended we design the entire project and begin in a step by step process to avoid any lengthy interruption of use from their lawn.  We are currently in the design phase (my favorite) and deciding what and how to enhance their property.

Design is critical; “Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail” is one of my mottos, so I insist we have a digital and physical (printed) outline of the completed project.  This type of preparation keeps everyone involved accountable, up to date of the progress and on top of the budget allocated for the project.  I also prefer to create an outline for the process with approximate time frames for completions of the measureable steps involved.  This is a dynamic document I provide to the homeowner periodically throughout the project.  Everyone likes to be kept up to date, especially me.

The design phase will be completed soon and we will break ground within the next week or so.  Out initial goal is to develop the site for the outdoor kitchen and living area, without impacting very much of the landscape.  Once the outdoor kitchen is complete, we will progress to V-2 of the project.

Check back often as I blog about the progress of the entire project from design to completion.  I have a feeling there will be several upgrades during the project, but for now we focus on the kitchen.

Adam Taylor
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