Weeds are a major hassle to homeowners, gardeners and landscapers as well; there are ways to combat the never ending onslaught of weeds.  Here are a few tips we use and you can too to get rid of those pesky weeds in your lawn and garden.

  1. Weed by Hand – this is an effective method, but can be backbreaking if there are a lot of weeds to remove.  If you only have a dandelion here and there, weeding by hand is not a bad idea, but if they are everywhere, then more aggressive methods are in order.  If you weed by hand, make sure you get the root of the weed.
  2. Mulch – ground cover is a great way to prevent weeds in flower and shrub beds, make certain you use a good quality weed barrier prior to mulching.  Don’t cheap out on the weed barrier and you will have better results.
  3. Dig them out – if the weed you pull keeps coming back, you may not have gotten the root (see tip #1) or there is a larger undelaying issue.  Digging a litter deeper than your hand can go may reveal the source.  Nearby trees have vast root systems that produce weed like growth.
  4. Mowing and Trimming – weeds typically come from the seeds of other weeds.  Mowing and trimming the nearby areas will prevent the weed from maturing enough to spread its seed.
  5. Chemicals – there are an enormous variety of weed control chemicals available at the big box store.  If you choose this method:
    1. Make certain the chemical is targeting your specific weed issue
    2. Keep children and pets away from the affected area
  6. Hire a Professional – the best solution for weed control is call a lawn care professional.  When we are addressing weed issues for our clients, they generally don’t come back.  If you only need an isolated instance of help, we are available for that as well, along with some good advice to keep the weeds in control.

Adam Taylor
Taylor Lawn Care, Inc.

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