The Importance of Shrub Trimming

The Importance of Shrub Trimming


Two of the biggest services landscape maintenance provides are mowing and trimming shrubs or bushes. Mowing down grass keeps unwanted pests away including, but not limited to, snakes. When it comes to bushes and shrubs, it’s always important to trim and shear them when they are near the road, that way aren’t compromising the visibility of your or your neighbors driving out onto the road.

Not only that, bushes and shrubs need a regular pruning or trim to keep them healthy. Trimming plants ensures that they don’t over grow which can limit the amount of nutrition that each branch gets as well as making it more likely that the plant will fall over. Trimming shrubs and bushes right before spring is a good way to get rid of dead branches from winter thus allowing new growth for the coming months.

The tools our team uses are always well maintained so you can be sure that our shears will be sharp and will make nice clean cuts. Not only will your shrubbery look nice and neat but they will also grow a lot healthier this spring. Don’t leave your lawn to just anyone, give the experts at Taylor Lawn Care a call today!



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