Grass Seeds

Grass Seeds

Many homeowners in our area plan on re-seeding their lawn during the fall season.  This is a good idea for those that need it and, when done correctly will yield a beautiful lawn in the spring of 2014.  The often asked question is: “What kind of grass seed do I purchase?”  With so many choices at the big box hardware stores, it’s hard to decide and I’m not confident in the experience of the young man in their garden center.  Is there a brand or variety of grass that would be better suited for my Mooresville lawn and what fertilizer should I purchase?

Unfortunately, there is not a solitary answer to this question; there are too many variables to consider before purchasing seed and fertilizer.  Imagine going to the store for apples, there may be 15 varieties to select from; each serving a specific purpose, grass seed purchase can be that confusing as well.

Consider some of these factors before purchasing:

  1. How much shade is on the lawn?
  2. What is the composition of the soil?
  3. How do you wish the lawn to look year round?

How much shade is on the lawn?  Grasses are developed for full sun, partial sun and low sunlight areas, the amount of sunlight on the lawn is a factor to consider before buying seed.  The wrong decision here will leave you very disappointed and reconsidering the project.

What is the composition of the soil?  Have your soil tested, this may delay you a few weeks but the results are excellent information and can provide good direction as to what type of grass seed to purchase and what composition of fertilizer to buy.

How do you wish the lawn to look year round?  Some homeowners like the tight woven, green almost year round look for their lawn, this has its positives and negatives (as everything does).  Others prefer the lush carpet appeal of their lawn, both of which can be obtained in our area.  Look at your neighbor’s lawns to help decide what type of lawn you wish to plant and maintain.

Regarding fertilizers, the soil test will reveal the best selection for that product; the two basic types are slow release or immediate effect.  I prefer slow release for longer lasting effects, but use the immediate release for newly planted lawns.

Asking me to recommend a “Brand” of grass seed or fertilizer is like asking me what brand of truck to buy.  Most name brand seeds will suffice if you have completed your research and are a knowledgeable consumer.  Don’t buy on price!  You will get exactly what you pay for.

Adam Taylor
Taylor Lawn Care, Inc.

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